Thai Long Grain Parboiled Rice

Long Grain Parboiled Rice is misunderstood as the pre-cooked rice. Long Grain White Rice is brought into the process to make it as Parboiled Rice.
Clean paddy is soaked in the water to boost up the moisture content to 30%-40%. Soaking causes the nutrients in the bran soluble. Hot steaming with air pressure move the nutrients into the kernel. The starch in the grain become gelatinized and retrograded by cooling process. The grain is firm and translucent  amber in color. The rice cooks up fluffy, volumized with separate distinct grains.
Through the parboiling process, the rice contains less chalky grains. The grain is firmer which gives less percentage of the broken rice after milling. Thai Long Grain Parboiled Rice is nutritious as it is rich in vitamins

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